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Goal Shoot Game

In this free online flash soccer game the object is to see how many goals you can score with ten free kicks. You need to aim the ball so that it avoids the three defenders and beats the goalkeeper to score a goal.

How to play: After allowing enough time for the flash game to completely load in your browser, click your mouse on either of the "SHOOT!" buttons to start the game.

The blue arrow shows the direction of your shot. Note that the position you click on the ball determines the spin and loft of the ball - clicking near the bottom of the ball will make it go low, and near the top will make it go high. Click on the left of the ball to make it curve left to right and on the right to make it curve right to left. To kick the ball, click your mouse on the ball and then hold it until the power reaches the level you want - release it and the ball will be kicked towards the goals.

You have ten shots - see how many goals you can score.



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